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Waterproofing Department

Serving Syracuse and CNY, our Basement and Foundation Waterproofing Department is the best in the business. While providing next day service, we install the highest quality basement and foundation waterproofing systems in the industry.

DIG offers guaranteed dry basement warranties that range from ten years to thirty years. The warranties are transferable and are backed by one of the best companies in the industry - Tremco Barrier Solutions, Inc.  Dedicating ourselves to quality, we ensure that your basements remain warm and dry.

The integrity of each home rests solidly on its foundation. And that means each foundation deserves the reliable moisture
protection that comes only from proven waterproofing products and systems. By understanding and controlling
the properties that transfer moisture and thermal energy underground, our waterproofing system keeps basements dry and
comfortable like no one else.

Moisture Management and Waterproofing

The US Department of Energy offers excellent resources to help educate homeowners on the benefits of saving energy.  One such resource is focused exclusively on moisture control in the basements, with some tips and direction on how to avoid this issue.

Moisture is damaging.  It causes furnishings a finishes to quickly deteriorate. It creates uncomfortable conditions that are difficult and costly to remedy.  And moisture can lead to conditions that cause mold and mildew.  In fact, of the five elements needed for mold to grow (mold spores, temperature above 40 degrees, nutrient source, time and moisture), the only element that’s controllable by you is the moisture.

Moisture can present itself in your basement in multiple ways, but the three most common are
   1. Leaks through cracks in the wall;
   2. Seepage through the porosity of the wall material (both poured and block)
   3. Condensation caused by temperature and humidity variances between the exterior and interior of the wall

You can control leaks and seepage by using a high-quality, field-validated foundation waterproofing membrane, applied to the correct thickness.  Don’t assume that any black, sticky material applied to the exterior of your foundation walls is waterproofing.  Building code requires that polymer-modified asphalt waterproofing emulsions be installed to a uniform thickness of 40 cured mils, and be able to resist water under hydrostatic head pressure.  Dampproofing membranes are not installed to 40 cured mils, and simply cannot meet the hydrostatic head requirement.  In addition, not all waterproofing membranes are equal when it comes to their ability to stop water under pressure.  Choose only a waterproofing membrane that provides significant hydrostatic head resistance, and has a proven track record of consistently and uniformly building to 40 cured mils.



Features and Benefits

  • Polymer-modified asphalt - Provides flexibility to bridge non-structural foundation cracks.
  • Emulsion technology - Water-based solution is environmentally-friendly, simple and safe to store and use.
  • Spray-applied
  • Excellent bonding with foundation walls.
  • Uniform, uninterrupted coverage for the entire foundation wall.

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