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DIG Construction has poured 1000's of basement floors in the CNY area please call Doug at (315)440-6852 or email him at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for an estimate. Referrals also available.


 Is a poured concrete foundation better than a block foundation?

 Choosing poured basement walls over a block basement should be any easy choice to make considering the advantages of the poured basement wall. Poured basement walls are stronger, drier, more durable, and can be constructed more quickly than block basements. Even though our winters can be severe, poured walls can be constructed year-round. In addition to this, poured concrete walls are better suited for building on "marginal lands," and with the great variety of soil types found in CNY, this is an important advantage. 

 Poured wall basements also offer greater design flexibility, which is important for the homes of today. Homes with poured walls will also have greater resale value, which is an important consideration when building a new home. Poured basements are also competitively priced, which makes them an exceptional value considering their enhanced performance. 

 If basement cracking or leakage were to occur, poured basements can be easily treated with polyurethane foam injections. Block basement repair can be costly, and often involves excavation and disruption to the landscape of a home. 

 The choice is clear. Choose a poured concrete foundation for your new home! 


What are important factors when considering a poured concrete foundation contractor?

 You must look at their experience, and ask questions regarding the adjustments made for pouring walls in the different seasons. The strength and variations of the concrete mix should be adjusted throughout the year, so you should look for a contractor with an extensive knowledge of this practice. Your contractor should utilize admixtures, blanket the walls during the winter months, and should have a close relationship with its concrete suppliers. 

 The use of both vertical and horizontal steel should be considered. The proper steel reinforcement reduces the chance and severity of shrinkage cracks, and also adds the tensile strength that concrete lacks. 

 You should also choose a contractor that is at the forefront of his peers in both business and technology. If your foundation contractor is not around in the future your chance of getting technical help later is very marginal.


How easy is it to fix a leak in a poured foundation wall?

 It is very easy, and can be done from inside the basement.  After being sealed with a 2-part epoxy coating, an expanding polyurethane foam is hand pumped through special fittings which are inserted into the wall. The fittings are left in the wall and are sealed over, leaving the wall smooth and the crack filled.  If done correctly, no excavations or disruptions to the existing landscape are required.


Poured Concrete Walls - Syracuse and CNY

Especially in Syracuse and around CNY, poured concrete walls offer performance that block walls simply can not match, at a competitive price. Contact DIG Construction today with any questions you might have: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or (315) 440-6852

Eleven reasons why Poured Concrete Wall Construction is the best
for Syracuse and Central New York (CNY):

•  Water tightness is important to homeowners. Solid concrete walls keep water out better than other types of construction, particularly in Syracuse and Central New York's climate.

•  Greater fire resistance due to the increased density and joint free construction of poured concrete walls…offers twice the fire resistance than hollow core blpoured wallsock walls.

•  Resistance to rot and decay – Solid concrete walls provide long years of service life. Neither home builders nor home owners must be concerned that concrete will be vulnerable to rot or decay that can occur in wood construction.

•  Home builders have fewer warranty problems. Water tightness means fewer call backs for the builder or housing developer, which leads to cost savings.

•  Efficient modern construction methods make poured concrete walls cost competitive with block walls, which is important to both home builders and home buyers.

•  Performance testing for strength – Testing the compressive strengths of concrete assures the builder and homeowner of specified strengths in the concrete.

•  When you consider a poured concrete wall has forty percent more concrete at competitive prices, the choice leads to poured concrete walls.

•  Quality aggregates are essential for quality concrete. Aggregates that are washed and graded, state and federally inspected.

•  Multi-family dwelling developers appreciate faster construction times, meaning a quicker return for the owner in rental or sales.

•  Homeowners know about the water tightness of poured concrete walls. When they combine the benefits of a stronger, more durable wall…it adds up to more value and thus a better re-sale on the property.

•  Ready Mixed Concrete can also adapt to cold weather construction which offers builders an extended construction season.

(Courtesy of Concrete Foundations Association)


Experience Makes the Difference

 The same attention to quality and workmanship that DIG Construction gives to your concrete walls will be given to your basement and garage floors. Proper placement and finishing techniques are essential for the quality and longevity of you floor. Let us serve all your concrete needs when building your new home.   


Waterproofing Department

Serving Syracuse and CNY, our Basement and Foundation Waterproofing Department is the best in the business. While providing next day service, we install the highest quality basement and foundation waterproofing systems in the industry.

DIG offers guaranteed dry basement warranties that range from ten years to thirty years. The warranties are transferable and are backed by one of the best companies in the industry - Tremco Barrier Solutions, Inc.  Dedicating ourselves to quality, we ensure that your basements remain warm and dry.

The integrity of each home rests solidly on its foundation. And that means each foundation deserves the reliable moisture
protection that comes only from proven waterproofing products and systems. By understanding and controlling
the properties that transfer moisture and thermal energy underground, our waterproofing system keeps basements dry and
comfortable like no one else.

Moisture Management and Waterproofing

The US Department of Energy offers excellent resources to help educate homeowners on the benefits of saving energy.  One such resource is focused exclusively on moisture control in the basements, with some tips and direction on how to avoid this issue.

Moisture is damaging.  It causes furnishings a finishes to quickly deteriorate. It creates uncomfortable conditions that are difficult and costly to remedy.  And moisture can lead to conditions that cause mold and mildew.  In fact, of the five elements needed for mold to grow (mold spores, temperature above 40 degrees, nutrient source, time and moisture), the only element that’s controllable by you is the moisture.

Moisture can present itself in your basement in multiple ways, but the three most common are
   1. Leaks through cracks in the wall;
   2. Seepage through the porosity of the wall material (both poured and block)
   3. Condensation caused by temperature and humidity variances between the exterior and interior of the wall

You can control leaks and seepage by using a high-quality, field-validated foundation waterproofing membrane, applied to the correct thickness.  Don’t assume that any black, sticky material applied to the exterior of your foundation walls is waterproofing.  Building code requires that polymer-modified asphalt waterproofing emulsions be installed to a uniform thickness of 40 cured mils, and be able to resist water under hydrostatic head pressure.  Dampproofing membranes are not installed to 40 cured mils, and simply cannot meet the hydrostatic head requirement.  In addition, not all waterproofing membranes are equal when it comes to their ability to stop water under pressure.  Choose only a waterproofing membrane that provides significant hydrostatic head resistance, and has a proven track record of consistently and uniformly building to 40 cured mils.



Features and Benefits

  • Polymer-modified asphalt - Provides flexibility to bridge non-structural foundation cracks.
  • Emulsion technology - Water-based solution is environmentally-friendly, simple and safe to store and use.
  • Spray-applied
  • Excellent bonding with foundation walls.
  • Uniform, uninterrupted coverage for the entire foundation wall.


DIG Construction has been servicing the concrete needs in Syracuse and CNY for over 30 years.  We have the ability to do a concrete job turnkey or to do a specialized contract such as labor only or labor and material. We are full service offering the complete concrete package from start to finish from layout, footer, re-bar, walls, piers, anchor bolts, level plates, and entire flat work packages.

We have completed commercial buildings from a few thousand feet to a hundred plus thousand feet.  Some of our projects in Syracuse and CNY:

  • Ronald McDonald House
  • Chase Bank
  • Mavis Tire Stores
  • Eastern Bible Church
  • LDS Church
  • Wegmen's Grocery
  • Eckerd and Rite Aide Drug Stores
  • Cisco Foods
  • Marriott, Comfort Inn Suites, Hampton Inn, etc 


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